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Music Licensing
(Master Use/Synchronization: Used for sample/re-produced remixes/tv commercial/movie/video)

Lyric/Sheet Music Print Licensing:
Artwork Licensing:

Note: If you're looking to legally record and release a cover version of one of
Terrell Baker's original songs you may obtain your (Mechanical License) via:

ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers)
1-800-99-7227 or email:
Terrell Baker's Original Songs Registry Link:

or contact: Easy Song Licensing via:

You may upload your dancing, karaoke, sing along, cover version videos via

Please note that the video will be flagged and monetized which
means paid ads will play at some point during your video playback.

Sound Recording Copyright Owner/Songerwriter/Music publishing/Performer
royalties will be paid for via advertising. So you have my permission to post away.


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